Monday, 28 May 2012

USA Tour Blog Part II: Jet Lag and Sake

We landed in Denver at around 6pm on a Thursday. We had driven down to Manchester during the Wednesday night, drinking in the van so by the time we landed all of us had been awake for pretty close to 48 hours and had been drunk then sober several times. This is where a normal band or bunch of people would go to their accommodation, relax and take it easy. Especially as it was the next morning we were going on tour. We were staying with Ryan so naturally we decided to go drinking.  He picked us with him friend Mike and within an hour of landing we were in a bar drinking whiskey and catching up. It took all of 2 minutes until a local guy noticed our unusual accents and started wanting to buy us drinks. He was around 21 and looked like Ashton Kutcher. Before you get excited he looked like Ashton Kutcher that lives in a trailor park and recently completed rehab for substance abuse. Anyways he was freaking out that a) punk music was still around and b) a punk band from Scotland was in the same bar as him. he was also fucking extremely annoying but insisted on buying us whiskey then Irish carbombs. Of course we agreed. Derrick almost threw up his carbomb. I couldn't understand why anyone would do that to such a lovely thing as a pint of Guinness. We bid our new friend farewell and decided to go to meet Emily at the bar she works. We drank even more, had some food and just generally enjoyed catching up with everyone. Derrick was dancing to some weird hipster electro in the bar and kept asking the DJ to play Joy Division - "I fucking love Joy Division.  Here, you cunts got any joy division?" was his smooth method. They didn't play it.  By the time we left it was pretty late. Again this is where a normal band would have had their good time and call it a night. The Dominos decided they were going to get some rest; Ryan, Derrick and I decided it would be a great idea to go to a bar near Ryan's and carry on the party. Derrick and I enjoy playing pool. We are both fairly good at it too. The bar by Ryan's had several tables all being occupied by locals. Undeterred, Derrick decided to go bet them $100 we could beat them. Cue many conversations regarding who we were and where we were from, not to mention we didn't have $100 on us. We didn't buy a drink the whole night. The bar owner was suitably impressed by our appetite for a good time and friendly Scottish demeanor that he refused to accept money from us. Anyway the guys bottled it and would only play us for whiskey. We agreed and 10 minutes later we were crowned the victors.  Whiskey and Americans together are fucking weird. They don't drink it like say a glass of wine; slowly, savoring the  taste and enjoyment. These clowns down it like a shot. Not that we complained but it struck me funny. Another weird thing is their fucking toilets in places; we would walk in and rather than have a line of urinals there'd be one urinal and one proper toilet. For a whole fucking bar! Weird. Anyway by the time we managed to get back to Ryan's, Derrick and I had been awake for pretty much 3 days straight, drunk for 2 of them and just a bit freaked out. Derrick tried to wrestle Jonny and I fell asleep fully clothed in the hallway. That's all i remember about that. 4 hours later we were awake and packing the van for tour. Still drunk, confused and on the other side of the world. Emily came over and we said our goodbyes. Derrick took a plastic flamingo from Ryan's garden, we christened it Robert and decided it was coming on tour.  Robert was named after our friend Boab, see my previous Cobra Skull posts for how much we love Boab. Ayyyye Maaaaan. The plan for the Friday was to drive to meet everyone, have a BBQ and then play a hometown show in loadeds town before departing on tour. I was holding it together but the past 4 weeks had pretty much hit Derrick like a brick wall.  He was fucking done in big time. He slept the majority of the day in our van. the Americans were concerned he wouldn't make the show but I was telling them otherwise. He's made of strong stuff and no fucking way were we gonna be anything other than on form. Before we played we got invited to eat at Chris's sushi restaurant. Seriously it was fucking incredible. My jet lag by now had kicked in big time and I was a mess. I fell asleep sitting at the bar in the sushi restaurant between drinking hot pineapple sake. I honestly felt like I was tripping on drugs. Come show time Derrick was slightly better and in the end we played all good. We met some awesome people at the Junction show; Jay Jay, English Chris, the No Coast Sushi crew. Everyone was awesome. That night we stayed at Chris's house, which was fucking so nice. We stayed up drinking Japanese beer and talking until about 5 am. 4 hours later we were headed for Salt Lake City, Utah. It's a big Mormon place and all the beer is weak as shit and we weren't sure if we could drink much... Need not have worried on that front

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