Sunday, 27 May 2012

USA Tour Diary Part 1: Get Burst Go Moich


The chance to tour the USA and particularly California is something i have literally thought endlessly about since i first discovered and fell in love with punk rock. Right now its happening. That is fucking mind-blowing. I don't write that as a boast; i write it because hand on heart how often do you get to say that a moment/day/week is the best of your life? and 100% mean it? Well not often if you are me but I've had 2 of those moments and both have been in this band; the first was when we played Fest10 in Gainesville, Florida and the second is right now.

I should probably start by introducing the dudes involved in this whole thing

Loaded .45 - an awesome band from Denver CO that we are touring with. Their bass player Ryan met us at Fest and this is how we came to be on tour. More on him later..

Josh - Vocals/Guitar

Josh is a huge Man Utd fan and like any true fan he has never been to Manchester. He says stuff like "If you're a manc you're a wank". Josh is awesome. I call him Colorado due to him being from there and me finding it really funny. Mainly the latter. He's called this in a really obnoxious American accent just to make him feel even better. He looks like the dude from the Scream films, the one that was the girls boyfriend but ended up killing her. Girls fucking love Josh, he's a smooth dude. I think he has a chest tattoo but im not sure cause he always has that shit covered up.

Chris - Guitar

Chris is Mexican but he kinda looks Japanese. Weird. He owns an incredible restaurant in Denver called No Coast Sushi. Chris is the one i speak to when i'm down or just needing some sensible chat. He's a sensitive dude but also a drunken fucking idiot that knows how to rock out and have fun. He spent an entire day completely mute and we still managed to have a fucking awesome time, more on that later too. I honestly feel like i've known him for ever. He's the best.

Marc - Drums

I spent the first 2 days calling him Stevie and then the 3rd Mikey. Not to be funny but i genuinely could not remember his name. Marky is super quiet but he's a top cunt as we say back home. We have a mutual like of skate punk and volcom clothes. He is the sensible voice of reason and is very much loved and appreciated by all.

Ryan - Bass

Ryan fucking Willard. Where do you even start?! He is hands down one of the funniest people i have ever met in my entire life. He reminds me of Stan Smith from American Dad; Loud as fuck and all American - just a fucking awesome dude. He's also one of the kindest people you could ever be lucky enough to call a friend too. Ryan is a super talented tattoo artist; he's inked everyone from Tom Gabel to us so that shows you the circles this dude navigates. I could write for hours about the shit that Ryan comes out with; he has this amazing ability to make whoever he is talking to feel appreciated and important, even strangers. It sounds lame and its hard to properly describe but he's one cool charismatic dude. Everyone likes Ryan. He speaks to us in a weird Russian accent and this is supposed to be him being Scottish. 

A typical Ryan moment so far:

Him: "You fuckin' pussies smell that?!"
Him: "Thats fucking freedom right there dudes.FUCKING AMERICA dudes! God bless America". 

He is hilarious.

Emily - Tour mom, Emily has set up most of our shows and generally just been fucking awesome. She hasn't come with us on the road but she is here in spirit and we thing she's the bomb.

So thats the people we are spending our time with, driving thousands of miles in a baptist church van. For real. Genuinely having the time of my life whilst dangerously close to losing my mind. That however is another story.

More soon..

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